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Home Seller Services

If you are going to sell your home you would be wise to invest in a professional appraisal. Professional appraisals do not cost money, they pay in the long run! Unless a homeowner studies the Greater Orlando Florida real estate values on a day to day basis, like a property appraiser at Rhodes Appraisal Service LLC does, it's difficult for them to get a handle on real estate values. We are not talking about how much you have invested in your home, how much you paid for it, or how much you want for it. We are talking about the true market value of your home.

Many times, Rhodes Appraisal Service, LLC clients are surprised when they find out that the market value of their home is much more than they thought. Investing in a professional property appraisal actually allowed these people to receive several thousand more dollars than they thought they would when their home was sold. Others have an inflated opinion of their home's value and an appraisal helped them to realistically price their home in order for it to sell. We offer valuation products for sellers, buyers and Realtors.

The Greater Orlando home market has seen many fluctuations in value in recent years. Real estate sales agents can provide prospective home sellers with their opinion of the likely sale price by completing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). The reliability of a CMA depends greatly upon the experience and knowledge of the agent performing it. A successful sales agent with several years of experience concentrating on a specific neighborhood area can perform a reliable CMA. At Rhodes Appraisal Service LLC, we deal with many such real estate sales agents who are extremely knowledgeable and provide thoroughly researched, accurate data to make well informed marketing decisions. Even so, a CMA is still only a ''ballpark figure'' - it carries no weight with financial mortgage institutions and has no legal validity in the real world. The best sales agents will employ an appraiser to assist them when evaluating a property outside of their scope of knowledge and experience.

Since most buyers will need a mortgage to complete the purchase of your home, ultimately an appraisal will have to be performed by a licensed property appraiser. At Rhodes Appraisal Service LLC, we believe that it is better to know upfront what the lender will consider as the true market value of your home, than to have your deal "blow up" right before the closing date. Unlike a CMA, an appraisal delivers a defensible and carefully documented opinion of value. The appraisal relies on verified information gathered on specific, closed comparable sales. In addition, the appraisal looks at other factors like condition, upgrades, extra amenities, location, favorable views and quality of construction.

An overpriced home will not attract potential buyers, which means no offers and no closing - just a lot of wasted valuable time, money, and efforts. All too often these homes end up selling below their true market value due to the stigma attached to them by unrealistic starting prices. Even if the seller is lucky enough to get the true value for their home, the extended marketing time results in additional payments and expenses that could have been avoided by utilizing a professional property appraiser's opinion of value when setting the asking price.

Unlike a sales agent, an appraiser has no vested interest in what amount your house sells for. Our fee is based strictly on our efforts, not a percentage of the sales price or an investor finder's fee. A professional property appraisal from Rhodes Appraisal Service can help homeowners in Central Florida make the best decisions on investing in their homes and setting a fair sales price.

In addition, an appraisal will help you by pointing out needed repairs and visible deficiencies in the property which will allow you to correct these items before placing it on the market. A professional property appraiser from Rhodes Appraisal Service will be objective. We will tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. It's very hard to be objective about your own home because of your emotional attachment to it. One piece of advice that is consistently given by the experts:
Do NOT "Overprice" Your Home!

In addition to helping you set a realistic selling price so your home will attract buyers, a professional appraisal is very valuable as a negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer. It gives you something concrete to show your buyer. It's an independent third party's professional opinion of your home's value and not just you saying how much you think it is worth. Potential buyers know you have an emotional attachment to your home and consequently buyers are always afraid that they are paying too much for a house. Buyers will be far more likely to give credibility to a professional property appraiser's value opinion of value than yours. A current property appraisal will reduce the natural anxiety for both buyer and seller in contract negotiations which helps facilitate an agreement on price.

When you order a report from Rhodes Appraisal Service, you can expect:

Prompt response to your initial inquiry: We will give you personalized information for your particular appraisal need. Just tell us your situation and we will make suggestions. Quick turnaround time: Typically, 5 days or less from the date the request is received. You will receive a copy of your appraisal or consulting report via the Internet within MINUTES of its completion.


Our appraiser makes a physical exterior and interior inspection of the subject property to observe the condition, upgrades, amenities and the view or location enhancements. We measure the improvements, notate the floor plan layout and take interior and exterior photos. Our appraiser inspects the subject’s neighborhood including an exterior inspection from the street of recent comparable closed sales as well as any comparable, current listings and pending sales in the competitive area. Data is collected and verified on the comparable properties to determine the most reliable indicators of value for the subject property.

Afterwards, a thorough appraisal report is produced, complete with photos, maps, floor plan sketch and supporting addenda. The appraisal format is the General-Purpose Consumer Appraisal Form, which is easily understood by the average lay person and general consumers. The completed report is emailed directly to the individual(s) identified by the client who ordered the appraisal. The professional report is appropriate for use as part of your marketing materials.

Quick response to follow-up questions: Our reports are clearly written, understandable, and meet or exceed the Uniform Standards of Professional Practice that governs the appraisal practice. If you have any questions regarding your appraisal, after you've read the report, we encourage you to email or call us!